Feeding Frenzy

A fun survivor-style game for your children


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It’s a Fish Eat Fish World

Big fish eat little fish. Remember this simple fact of life and you will be well on the way to understanding how to play Feeding Frenzy. Players are immersed in an underwater world full of colourful fish. They have to steer their fish character through this world to eat the smaller fish while avoiding being eaten by the bigger fish. after you have eaten a certain amount of small fish your character will grow and you will be able to eat bigger and bigger fish.

One of the great things about Feeding Frenzy is the concept is easy to understand and gamers will be able to start playing straight away. The game is suitable for people of all ages and there are plenty of challenges waiting on the upper levels to keep things interesting. There are three stages to each level and at the end of each stage your fish character grows slightly bigger so that he can chomp on some of the bigger fish that he had to avoid earlier in the level.

There are forty different levels to complete in total and each level takes you deeper and deeper into the watery underworld. The various different types of aquatic creatures that surround you are very colourful and well designed. The other satisfying aspect of this game is the word CHOMP! that appears every time you eat one of your fishy friends. This helps to make the game wicked fun and all ages are sure to chuckle along.

Players of Feeding Frenzy start their adventure as an angel fish before being upgraded to a lion fish and then an angler later on in the game. The final transformation is Orville the Orca and at this stage you will finally be big and strong enough to challenge the Shark King and put an end to his reign of terror. The anticipating of meeting and hopefully defeating the Shark King keeps players coming back for more and the game is so addictive that the hours can easily melt away.

Don’t be fooled by the cartoony look and feel of this game; Feeding Frenzy is far from easy. In addition to big fish who want to eat you, there are lots of other obstacles to avoid such as squid that squirt ink, oysters that try to trap you in their shells and exploding depth charges.

Avoiding these obstacles as well as the bigger fish can seem like a fulltime job, especially in the early stages of each level. However, if you simply play it safe and keep running from danger you will find it very difficult to eat enough fish to become bigger and badder, which is the only way to advance in this game. Fortune favours the bold and you must be brave enough to go after those fish, even if it means that you might be eaten in the process. Finding the balance between eating lunch and being lunch can be very tricky and this is the main skill of the game. This can take a while to achieve, forcing players to replay levels again and again.

While the game has a rather simple concept and can be rather slow at the start, it gradually becomes more challenging as you progress. New challenges are thrown into the mix at later levels and there is plenty in this game to get players hooked and keep them swimming on to victory.


  • Understanding how to play the game is easy
  • Two different modes to choose from
  • Very addictive game play


  • Game play can be a bit repetitive
  • The early stages are rather easy
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